Kenji Fujihara Dreams of World Championship Success

A two year hiatus and the dream of competing at an Aerobics World Championships is what has brought Kenji Fujihara to where he is today.

At the 2019 Australian Gymnastics Championships, Fujihara had the crowd excited for his Aerobics routines which earned him a spot back onto the National Squad. 

“After taking two years off Individual Male Aerobics to focus on my PhD, being able to return and qualify for the National Squad will mean that I have the opportunity to trial for the World Aerobics Championships in 2020,” Fujihara said.

“For me, just making the National Squad is an exciting achievement, but the prospect of competing at the World Championships at the senior level has always been a dream of mine.”

Thinking back on his time throughout his career, Fujihara pinpoints one of his most memorable moments.

“Competing at the 2012 Suzuki Aerobic World Cup in Tokyo, Japan was a career highlight. 

“It was my first international trip with the Australian Aerobics team and I was able to not only compete and represent Australia in a fantastic event, but I was also able to do so in front of my extended Japanese family. “

Fujihara has always taken an interest in Aerobics and is proud to be able to role model within the sport. 

“Aerobics has always been of particular interest to me because it gives me the opportunity to combine and perfect difficult, physical movements with creativity and showmanship which is all wrapped up into a competitive sport. 

“I’m proud to contribute to and be a part of the Aerobics community that empowers young people, particularly young women, and aids in the development of important life skills, from learning to be a supportive team member, to learning the value of persistent hard work.”

In recent years, Fujihara has been able to experience the true development of Aerobics.

“I've seen Aerobics in Australia go from strength to strength,” Fujihara said.

“It's always been an extraordinary community to be a part of, and I feel it has been a privilege to witness the unique development of Aerobics to stand firmly alongside the other Gymsports. 

“It's my hope that Aerobics will continue to build a more diverse community around it and continue to engage talented athletes. 

“In the next 10 years, I think Aerobics will continue to evolve into a more dynamic and exciting sport for both athletes and spectators.”

Fujihara is coming off a successful competition in Phoenix, Arizona at the ANAC International Aerobic Championship where he finished 6th in the Senior Individual Male category with a great score of 19.400.