Cancelled Aerobic Gymnastics tour

Gymnastics Australia would like to congratulate the following athletes who were selected to the Australian team for the Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships (WCH) and World Age Group Competition (WAGC) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Senior Individual Female
Olivia Feaver       VIC, Advantage Gymsports
Deborah Greenbaum       NSW, PLC Sydney
Non-travelling reserve
Carissa Uno       NSW, All Starz Gymnastics and Dance Senior

Individual Male
Kenji Fujihara       VIC, Loreto Gymnastics Club

Senior Trio
Carissa Uno NSW       All Starz Gymnastics and Dance
Grace Kleppich         NSW, PLC Sydney
Matilda Narvo         NSW, PLC Sydney

Senior Group
Olivia Feaver         VIC, Advantage Gymsports
Grace Kleppich         NSW, PLC Sydney
Matilda Narvo         NSW, PLC Sydney
Mercedes McIntyre        NSW, PLC Sydney
Deborah Greenbaum        NSW, PLC Sydney

Senior AeroDance Group
Abby Lavin         QLD, Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness
Annalise Gowing       QLD, Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness
Darcy Lawton       QLD, Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness
Ghielaina Waigh       QLD, Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness
Paris Waigh       QLD, Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness
Phoebe Bergh         QLD, Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness
Shona Lynch         QLD, Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness
Taylor Clayton       QLD, Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness

Age Group 1 Individual Female
Ruby Conti       Advantage Gymsports

Age Group 2 Individual Female
Annabelle Mitchell        River City Gymnastics Academy

Age Group 2 Trio
Annabelle Mitchell       River City Gymnastics Academy
Brooke Hay         Advantage Gymsports
Sophie Varis         Advantage Gymsports

Tour Update
Unfortunately, Gymnastics Australia has made the difficult decision to not endorse sending an Australian team to the 2021 Aerobic World Age Group Competition and World Championships due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and in line with the Gymnastics Australia Travel Position Statement.

We will continue to keep our community informed of any decisions made by the FIG as they come to hand. This decision was not made lightly.