Get to know - Dominic Clarke


In our second installment of our new summer series, we get to know Senior International Trampoline Gymnast, Dominic Clarke.

Dominic has been a key member of our Trampoline team for many years, making his World Championships debut at the 2015 event in Odense, Denmark. 

Get to know Dominic
Where were you born? Plymouth, England
What is your nickname? Dom
What was your first gymnastics club? Redlands Gymnastics in Queensland
How old were you when you began gymnastics? 5 years old
And what was your reason for starting gymnastics? I couldn't do cartwheels at soccer
Do you have a sporting motto? Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!
Who is your most admired sportsperson? Li Dan
What is your favourite sports team? The All Blacks
What are your favourite activities outside of gymnastics? Music, camping, movies and cartoons

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