Olivia Feaver's passion to inspire participation in Aerobics

The Australian Aerobics community are blessed to be able to have the ever so graceful, Olivia Feaver within their team.
Feaver is coming off the back of some amazing recent success after she claimed her first international Silver medal at the 2019 Lithuanian Open.

“Winning silver at the Lithuanian Open this year was truly special as it was not only my first international medal I’ve achieved as an individual, but also was the first medal an Australian female has ever won at an Open competition," Feaver said.

“I’m very proud of what I was able to accomplish and I learnt so much from that competition which has helped me with all of my training and competitions since. 

“It’s been such an honour to be able to represent Australia at numerous International Competitions; I couldn’t do it without all of my support from coaches, friends, family and the gymnastics community. 

Looking back on her career, Feaver has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities Aerobics has brought her.

“There are so many incredible moments of my career so far that stand out to me. 

“Being able to represent Australia at the World Championships in 2018 would definitely be one of my top moments, alongside winning the Silver medal at the 2019 Lithuanian Open as well as countless memories from all of my National Championships.”

With an increase of interest in Aerobics it has resulted in more opportunities for the community.

“Over my time in Aerobics I have noticed a big change in the sport,” Feaver said.

“It has become much more competitive within Australia in all categories which has helped improve the standard among gymnasts. 

“The increase in the amount of local, interstate and overseas competition and training has also provided more opportunity for athletes and coaches to grow and advance the sport.

“I see Aerobics becoming more popular throughout Australia both recreational and at an elite level. 

“I also hope to see it become a more well-known sport among the wider community with the dream as always for it to become an Olympic sport.”

Not only does Feaver have her own individual goals in my mind, she also plans to inspire others to get involved in Aerobics.

“I am very proud of being able to represent my country internationally and I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities gymnastics has provided me with so far,” Feaver said.

“I love being a mentor to other athletes particularly the younger ones in my role as both an athlete and a coach. 

“My goal is to promote Aerobic Gymnastics and inspire others to participate in this sport I am so passionate about.”