Gymnastics Australia CEO Kitty Chiller and Board Director Russell D’Costa are pleased to announce the appointment of members to the newly formed Olympic Gymsports Advisory Committee.

The Committee brings together key stakeholders in Gymnastics Australia and the national HP sport sector to play an advisory and oversight role.

It will primarily provide advice to the GA National Performance Director (NPD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), on strategic HP issues relevant to the Olympic Gymsports. This will include having oversight of the implementation of GA’s HP Plan and the respective Gymsport performance plans and related policies; and incorporate the monitoring and review of program performance and progress.

Membership comprises:

1.         Russell D’Costa - GA Board Director responsible for High Performance (Chair)

2.         Kitty Chiller - GA CEO

3.         Andrew Logan - GA NPD

4.         Sam Offord - GA Chair of Athlete Commission

5.         Kym Dowdell – Gymsport technical (FIG WAG technical commission / GQ CEO)

6.         Jack Penny -  Gymsport technical (FIG trampoline judge & former national trampoline representative)

7.         Katie Culbert - AIS representative (AIS Performance Strategy & Investment, manager)

8.         Geoff Lipshut - Independent HP expert (CEO Olympic Winter Institute of Australia)

For the Tokyo 2020 cycle, membership is for the period from appointment until and including the first scheduled meeting post-Olympic Games.