Professional Development for Advanced Coaches

The focus of professional development at this stage of coach development is to build upon the knowledge and skills learned at the Advanced level. In many cases the Advanced Coach is responsible for the development of Junior coaches, managing other staff and the complicated coach-athlete relationship.  Professional development at the Advanced level is primarily delivered by the State/Territory Association via an annual education congress and other appropriate workshops delivered throughout the year.

There are many Advanced Coaches who have been transitioned into the new GA Education Framework. Any coach in this situation should take the opportunity to update current knowledge by undertaking the Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course.

Some ideas of specific topics for an Advanced Coach are:

  • The role of the advanced coach; mentoring, building communication skills, developing and strengthening relationships with athletes, parents etc.
  • The body in motion;  anatomy, injury prevention, mechanics of movement and skill analysis, physical preparation, training and development
  • The coach in action; coaching, teaching and learning, planning and implementing effectively
  • How to coach advanced Gymsport skills; technical content, skill progressions, competition preparation

Some suggested training opportunities are outlined below.



GA Team Future training camp observation

Managing the Risks of Coaching course (MRC)

Managing Inclusion in Gymnastics (MIG)

Intermediate Coaching Course - Gymsport Specific

  • As a Beginner coach
  • For professional development / updating
  • Undertaking an additional Gymsport Accreditation

Online Advanced Coaching Principles

Click here to see a video of the course content.

Advanced Online WAG / MAG / TRP Coaching Course

Click here to see a video on the WAG Coaching Course

Click here to see a video on the MAG Coaching Course

Volunteering at Australian Championships

LaunchPad Zoom Online: Neuro-nastics and DMPs

Supervisors Online Course

Online Presenter Course

Online Assessor Course

Gymnastics Australia Mentoring Information

Advanced Spotting PDF - click to open


State-run Advanced Face to Face Coaching Courses

  • As a participant
  • As an observer
  • Undertaking an additional Gymsport Accreditation

State opportunities

State Congresses

Volunteering at a State (or national) event

Attending State Camps / State Training

Attending a Intermediate / Advanced Judging course

  • As a participant
  • As an observer

Click Here for State Contacts

Club opportunities

Club workshops (sanctioned by State/Territory for updating)

Observation of club training with other Advanced Coaches


 Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Face to Face courses

 Sports Medicine Australia – online courses

 Play by the Rules

  • Child Protection Online Course
  • Harassment & Discrimination Online Course
  • Member Protection Information Officer Course
  • Complaint Handling Training

 Community Coaching General Principles


  • Level 1 Anti-Doping Course
  • Level 2 Anti-Doping Course

 First Aid-CPR Update

Click here to learn more about First Aid requirements

 Sports Dietitians Australia  - courses and resources