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GA Online training resources

 The following courses can be accessed by logging into your Gymnastics Online (GOL) account and going to the LMS:

  • MRC (Managing the Risks of Coaching)
  • MIG (Managing Inclusion in Gymnastics)
  • Intermediate Coaching Course Online Generic
  • Intermediate Coaching Course Gymsport Specific
  • Advanced Coaching Principles Course

Other training

Australian Sports Commission

Play by the Rules

  • Complaint Handling Course
  • Member Protection Information Officer Course
  • Child Protection & Harassment and Discrimination

Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority

Australian Strength and Conditioning

First Aid and CPR

  • Face to face courses offered by a ranger of providers throughout Australia

Gymnastics Victoria Online Education

Sports Medicine Australia Online Courses

  • Get Smart
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Taping for Sport
  • Drugs in Sport

Sports Dietitians Australia

  • Face to face courses throughout Australia