MORGANS: There will be great things to come

As part of the Gymnastics Australia’s 70th anniversary celebrations past and present stars of Australian Gymnastics are enjoying reflecting on the sport and predicting its future.
Current star of the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) program Mitchell ‘Middy’ Morgans is leading the way on the international stage and believes the future of gymnastics is bright in Australia.

“I see gymnastics in Australia being a major contender against the world in all Gymsports,” Morgans said. 

“This sport is growing and I feel there will be great things to come.”

As a current international gymnast, Morgans believes that the upgrade in equipment is what makes the sport great.

“I think the upgrades to equipment have definitely had a huge impact over how gymnastics has evolved. 

“Gymnasts are now pushing the boundaries with crazier skills and making them look easy,” Morgans said. 

With Tokyo 2020 on the horizons, Morgans reflects on what it means to him to be able to represent Australia. 

“To be able to compete on the world stage means so much to me; it’s really humbling and makes me feel very proud,” Morgans said.

“It’s also something I have always wanted to do as a kid and makes me more motivated to keep representing Australia at other events in the future.”

For most athletes, it is hard to pick at one moment that stands out to them but for Morgans he fondly remembers his first National Championships. 

“It’s very hard to sum it up to one moment, but as I reflect, the best moment I can remember is my first National Championships when I was a junior. 

“It was so much fun competing with all my mates in the sport, it almost felt like a holiday.”

Gymnastics is a tough sport but being surrounding by the right people makes it all worth it. 

“The thing that makes me most proud of being in the MAG program is the relationship amongst the athletes. 

“It doesn’t matter what state we are from or level we are at, we all manage to get along and have a good time.”

A busy start to 2019 resulted in Morgans winning the Bronze medal on Parallel Bars in Doha and claiming the All Around Gold medal and Australian Champion title at the Australian Championships.

After medal winning effort and consecutive World Cups, Morgans now focuses on his preparations for the Artistic World Championships in Stuttgart in October.