The future of Trampoline Gymnastics is bright in Christine Swadling's eyes

One of Trampoline Gymnastics finest athletes, and the first female Australian Trampoline gymnast to compete in five Senior World Championships, Christine Swadling (nee Hall) was full of joy when reflecting on her time in the sport. 

“My career moment that stands out among the rest, is definitely making the double mini final at the 2014 World Championships in Daytona Beach,” Swadling said. 

“I achieved a personal best scoring pass with my first double mini pass and knew I just need to land by second pass in the zone A to make the final.  

“It was a very nerve wracking second pass, but I was ecstatic when I landed my second pass and realised I had made the final.  

“The final didn't quite go to plan but I still ended up in fifth place and more importantly, I absolutely enjoyed every moment on being out on the competition floor during the final."

Ten years ago, Swadling competed at her first World Championships in Russia where she finished an amazing 25th overall and had retirement on her mind. 

“I thought I had achieved everything I could have,” Swadling said. 

“It wasn't until I moved States, to live with my now husband, that I decided to keep training and see how things progressed.  

“I am so glad I did, because not only did I continue to achieve more goals, it was an absolute honour each and every time I was selected to represent Australia.  

“It was certainly tough, balancing a high training load with a full time job, but there no better feeling than walking out on the competition floor in the Australian leotard.”

Swadling announced her retirement in 2015, yet she is astounded by how much the sport has evolved since then. 

“We now have a new wave of athletes coming through that have been brought up on the more powerful equipment, and they are starting to produce some fantastic skills, strength and routines.

“I am particularly excited to see how Australia goes at this years' World Championships, across the four disciplines; I think we will come home with some amazing results.  

“It has also been great to see a number of athletes that I competed with, stay within the sport, and go on to coach and judge on the international stage. “

The future is bright for Trampoline Gymnastics in Australia and Swadling looks forward to seeing the athletes get stronger and be more competitive on the international stage.

“We have some great high performance programs running within State Associations, together with a very united National Squad, which will continue to provide athletes with a solid support base, coupled with expertise coaching.”

Swadling entered the Trampoline community when she was seventeen after being involved within the Women’s Artistic program until then but was glad to have been met with a friendly and tight knit group.

“I entered the trampoline community a little late and I was made to feel very welcome straight away,” Swadling said.   

“I have made countless friends from across the country that I still see on a very regular basis. 

“It also brought myself and my husband together, for which I will be forever grateful for.”

Swadling remains closely involved within the Trampoline community as she coaches at her club, Eastlake Trampoline Sports in New South Wales.