FAQ - GA Child Safe Online Course

Q. Who is the Child Safe Online Course for? 
A. The course is mandatory for all Technical Members (TM’s), other than those Technical Members in Victoria who have completed the Gymnastics Victoria Child Protection Online Course.
Q. Technical Members in Victoria
A. TM in Victoria who have completed the Gymnastics Victoria Child Protection Online Course will be required to provide their certificate of completion for this course as part of their renewal in 2019. If TM’s need help accessing their GV certificate they can contact the GV office (03) 9005 4700.  GV TM’s who have not completed the Gymnastics Victoria Child Protection Online Course are required to complete the Gymnastics Australia online Child Safety Course prior to renewal in 2019.
Q. Can a non-Technical Members access the course?
A. Yes. They will just need to create a LMS account, if they do not currently have one set up. 
Q. When does the online course need to be completed by? 
A. Each TM will be required to provide a certificate of completion (or the GV Child Protection Online Course certificate) prior to their 2019 TM renewal.

Q. How do I access the course? 
A. To access the User Guide please click here - Child Safe Online Course User Guide (Adobe PDF File) 
To access the course:

  1. Log in to your Gymnastics Australia account at gymnastics.org.au/myaccount.
  2. Click the Go to LMS button.
  3. In the LMS, click the purple Browse Catalog button.
  4. Click Child Safety Courses and Webinars and on the following page you can enrol in the online course.
Q. How long will the course take? 
A. A minimum of 20 minutes however most likely longer (30mins+)
Q. How many updating points can I gain? 
A. Two (2) updating points (issued via the LMS). 

Q. What happens if I cannot complete the course?
A. Given the sensitivity of the topics covered some people may not be able to complete the course due to personal reasons. In this case it is appropriate for GA staff to inform this person they do not have to complete the course. However this person should still:
  • inform their club/manager they could not complete the course
  • ask their club/manager to cover verbally important topics of how to report and respond to an allegation/suspicion of abuse and a child safe culture
Q. Do Technical Members under 18 y.o. have to complete the course?
A. GA understands that some of our TM are under the age of 18, with some as young as 14 years old. GA believes that the content in this course is appropriate for young people however we do recommend completing the course with an adult present. This will provide young people an opportunity to discuss any of the content they may find upsetting or have questions about. 
In some cases it may be appropriate for a manager/supervisor to go through the course content with a young person and highlight the areas they must know about (how to report concerns, behavioural expectations, child safe culture etc.) whilst avoiding any content that may be deemed too distressing. 
Whilst it is important that all our TM’s complete the course if the content is significantly distressing or a parent/guardian deems it inappropriate for their child they may contact GA for an exemption. If your child or a young person does not complete the course they must inform their employer and it will be the responsibility of that employer to ensure the coach/judge still receives an induction on Child Safe Roles and Responsibilities (Reporting Policy, Codes of Behaviour etc.) 
Q. What does the course cover?
A. The course covers:
  • Signs to identify child abuse
  • Recognising grooming
  • A child safe culture
  • How to respond when a child discloses abuse
  • What to do when you suspect abuse
Q. How do I access my certificate? 
A. Click on the link below to access the user guide and refer to page 12 Child Safe Online Course User Guide
Still have questions? 
Contact Gymnastics Australia Education 
education@gymnastics.org.au    03 8698 9700