ACR National Squad


Congratulations to the following athletes who have been added to the 2017/18 Acrobatic Gymnastics National Squad, following a successful competition at the second selection event; the NSW Level 3A to 5 Trial 2. 

11-16 Women’s Pairs
1. Shennei Barber & Stella Phipson (SXL Gymnastics / NSW)
2. Ella Trenor & Naomi Gibson (Oak Flats / NSW)
3. Kiara Beesley & Brooke Flanagan (Acrogym / NSW)

11-16 Women’s Trios
1. Mykenna Collier, Jamima Clarke & Mikayla Carr (Oak Flats / NSW)
2. Cassie Palombo, Clara De Asis & Teisha Jang (SXL Gymnastics / NSW)

12-18 Women’s Pairs
1. Antonia Maher & Nicole Chan (SXL Gymnastics / NSW)

13-19 Women’s Pairs
1. Tori Singleton & Katelyn Dullard (Team Adrenalin / VIC)        

13-19 Women’s Trios
1. Milly Puckeridge, Kate Barry & Eloise Dwyer (Gladesville RSL / NSW)
2. Jenna Irish, Sophie Edwards & Molly Jewiss (Oak Flats / NSW)

Senior Women’s Trios
1. Lauren Farquhar, Taylah Doosey & Maja Moore (Oak Flats / NSW)

The third and final opportunity to gain selection to the 2017/18 Acrobatic National Squad is at the upcoming National Clubs Carnival in Bendigo.

To view the full Acrobatic Gymnastics National Squad, please click here.