LMS Improvement Works


We’re upgrading the Learning Management System (LMS) where coaches enrol in and complete courses for a better user experience! We’ll also be connecting the LMS with Gymnastics Online (GOL) and coach and judge technical membership, so that the time between completing a course and receiving the accreditation and updating points will be significantly reduced!

LMS upgrade

Upgrading the LMS to the latest version means that we can keep abreast of advances in online learning and internet security, increase usability on mobile devices, and enhance the user experience for coaches and judges. 

While many of the changes will be ‘under the hood’, there will also be improvements to navigation and appearance. We’re excited to be releasing a more user-friendly and robust system that will cater for coach and judge education needs now and into the future.

LMS integration with GOL

Following the LMS upgrade, we’ll be working on integrating the LMS with Gymnastics Online (GOL). There will be some fantastic benefits to Technical Members, including:

Updating points for completed online courses and First Aid Certificates will be automatically transferred to Technical Membership accounts on the same day.
Updating points for completed Face to Face Courses will be automatically transferred to Technical Membership accounts as soon as the course is processed, typically within one week post-course.
New accreditations earned through the LMS will be transferred to Technical Membership accounts on the same day that all coursework is completed and Face to Face Courses are processed.
Technical Members will log in to the LMS from their Technical Membership account on GOL – no more separate login details to remember, and everything in one place.
All users who have a GOL login will be issued an LMS account if they don’t already have one, including Club Administrators.

When will the changes occur?

Please note that exact dates for releasing these projects are still to be confirmed, however development is on track for the following release dates:

LMS upgrade – week beginning June 25, 2018
LMS integration – TBC, after release of LMS upgrade

There will be a small amount of LMS downtime at the end of May so that we can prepare and launch the upgraded LMS. Gymnastics Australia will contact Technical Members directly via email when these dates have been confirmed.

Questions or feedback? Get in touch:

(03) 8698 9700