TRP Maebashi World Cup

The International Gymnastics Federation's (FIG) Trampoline Gymnastics (TRP) World Cup circuit continued its journey in Japan last weekend, with the running of the Maebashi World Cup. 

Australian was represented at the event by; Dominic Clarke, Aiden Thomas, Kira Ward, Eva Kierath, Claire Arthur and Lauren Sampson. Unfortunately due to his foot injury sustained at an earlier World Cup in Switzerland, Shaun Swadling was unable to compete at the event

The competition was tough in Japan but the Aussies worked hard and put on magnificent performances across the two days of the competition. The stand-out performance goes to our two female athletes Eva and Kira in the Women's Synchronised Trampoline event. During qualifications Evie and Kira received a score of 84.650 which progressed them to the Finals in 8th position. The bouncing duo then returned to the competition stage and put on stunning performance that took out the Silver mMedal in the Women’s Synchronised Trampoline Final.

Unfortunately no other Aussie’s made it through to the Finals but they still made us proud with their spectacular routines. The results for each athlete are as follows:

Men’s Individual
Dominic Clarke  - 15th Place (Q 110.060)
Aiden Thomas - 23rd Place (Q 105.085)

Men’s Synchronised
Dominic Clarke and Aiden Thomas - 12th Place (Q 86.500)

Women’s Individual
Eva Kierath - 13th Place (Q 101.660)
Claire Arthur - 19th Place (Q 98.895)
Kira Ward - 20th Place (Q 98.680)
Lauren Sampson - 24th Place (Q 95.465)

Women’s Synchronised
Eva Kierath and Kira Ward - 2nd Place ( F 47.550)
Claire Arthur and Lauren Sampson - 14th Place (Q 49.200)

Congratulations to the Australian team on their amazing achievements and the successful end to their FIG Gymnastics World Cup Tour.