RG Team Future & Senior National Squad Camp

The Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) Team Future (TF) and Senior National Squad (NS) Camp was held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) from July 27 to July 30, 2018. The RG TF and NS Camps were coordinated by National Commission Member, Katie Sigsworth, and GA Sport Administration Coordinator, Amy Jones. 

Team Future

The 38 athletes invited to attend the camp were selected via the following criteria:

- Results from Virtual Assessment Tool  (VAT) testing from 2017
- Results from State Championships
- Results from the Australian Gymnastics Championships

The following programs attended the TF camp: Aelita Rhythmic Gymnastics, Allegro Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy, Aspire Gymnastics Academy, Elite Rhythmic Gymnastics, Elementz Rhythmic Gymnastics, Glen Iris Gymnastics, Le Ray Gymnastics Academy, Le Ray Gymnastics @ Ravenswood, Logan City PCYC, Prahran Rhythmic Gymnastics, Premier Gymnastics Academy, Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy, Sunshine Coast Rhythmic Gymnastics, Tanjule Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and Vital Gymnastics.

The Camp was supported by master coaches Krasi Yurukova, Valeria Vatkina, Lisa Bradley, ballet expert Catherine Walter, and National Elite Coaching Manager, Dr Graham Turner. The camp was further supported by Camp Ambassadors, GC2018 Commonwealth Games medallists, Danielle Prince and Enid Sung. 

With the help of the camp experts, the athletes participated in a variety of activities to develop their physical, mental and technical capabilities within the sport. The program consisted of:
Physical Testing
Video feedback 
Pre Acro Strength and Progression
Apparatus Assessment
Body Difficulty Progressions 

The personal coaches of the TF athletes attended coach development workshops with Dr Graham Turner as well as attended a seminar run by GA's High Performance Director of Performance Strategy & Engagement, Andrew Logan, discussing the recently released High Performance Plan 2018+ and how Rhythmic Gymnastics can adopt some of the strategies outlined in the Plan.

Congratulations to the following athletes who received awards at the end of the camp:

Character and Quality Awards: Those athletes who showed exemplary Character and Quality in all facets of the Camp across all sessions. 

1. Saskia Broedelet (QLD / Premier Gymnastics Academy)
2. Li-Lou Burns Gillet (QLD / Sunshine Coast Rhythmic Gymnastics)
3. Sophie Burke (NSW  / LeRay Gymnastics @ Ravenswood)

Spirit Award: Those athletes who showed promise across the Camp and shined in a particular activity.

1. Jasmine Reichhart (QLD / Premier Gymnastics Academy)
2. Angelina Pham (VIC / Glen Iris Gymnastics)
3. Petra Janda (NSW / LeRay Gymnastics Academy)
4. Miyabi Akiya (VIC / Prahran Rhythmic Gymnastics)
5. Nadyashani Igusti (WA / Vital Gymnastics)

Senior National Squad Camp

The Senior National Squad (NS) Camp doubled as the final selection event for the 2018 World Championships team for both Individuals and Groups. 

Twelve members of the Senior NS attended the Camp, as well as three individual athletes who were invited to attend the Camp based on their performances at the 2018 Australian Gymnastics Championships and their potential to achieve the performance targets set out in the selection policy for the 2018 World Championships. 

Supported on the sidelines by the Team Future girls, the NS athletes performed their routines in a mini competition to assess their performance readiness and potential to achieve the desired performance targets should they have been selected to the Australian team. 

Following on from the competition, the athletes then went into camp mode which saw them work with the master coaches to unpack their routines based on the feedback the coaches noted during the competition, as well as develop and clean up the skills in their routines to help them achieve maximum value going forward. 

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches across both Camps for their hard work and dedication throughout the entire Camp.