Gymnastics Australia Statement in response to Media Report

Gymnastics Australia takes matters of child safety extremely seriously, and continues to work in close collaboration with all state and territory associations and clubs, to ensure all participants are provided with a safe environment in which to train and compete.
In response to this morning’s news article, while the contents of the independent investigation are bound by confidentiality to all parties involved, GA must provide context and correct some inaccuracies.
In relation to the comments made by one of GA’s former board members, who is no longer involved in the administration of the sport, the article did not disclose that the individual has an ongoing personal material association with the National Centre of Excellence (NCE).
GA enjoys strong support among the current parent group of the NCE, and is working closely with them to transition to a new parent-led club following the scheduled closure of the GA NCE program at the end of 2018.
The parent group has taken their own lead and released a statement supporting the independent investigation and the assistance provided by GA (see below for full statement).
The Australian Childhood Foundation and leading child safe advocacy group and GA Partner Bravehearts have also released statements today acknowledging GA’s ongoing efforts to implement best practice policies and procedures, strengthen the organisational approach to child safety and make the sport as safe as possible for all gymnasts (see below for full statements).
GA will continue to work with its state and territory bodies and every club nationally to ensure the best possible conditions for all gymnasts in every gym around the country.
See below for statements in full from parents of the NCE, Australian Childhood Foundation and Bravehearts.
Statement by Bravehearts
(Adobe PDF File)