Key Dates for End of Year and Club Affiliation

Clubs please note the following key dates which relate to end of year and club affiliation.  Please contact us if you have any queries.




12 November 2019

Close of business

·        Athlete Transfer Cut-Off date for any athletes who require a transfer and are also required to be registered for 2019 (30 days until end of year snapshot). 

28 November 2019

9am (AEDT)

·         Club Affiliation button is no longer available for any clubs who have not affiliated to date for 2019.  The reason for this is for the Data Team to be able to update the Online Club Affiliation form for 2020.

12 December 2019

1pm (AEDT)

·         All data needs to be entered in the database to be counted in the 2019 statistics and reporting (no extensions can be provided)

·         Last day for Clubs to download local copies of their 2019 information including:

o    Certificate of Currency from insurance website

o    Athlete list via Club Admin Home> Reports

o    Technical members list via Club Admin Home> Reports

o    Club Personnel list via Club Admin Home> Reports

o    2019 Club Affiliation Certificate via Club Admin Home> Club Information> Print Certificate

13 December 2019

6am (AEDT)

·         All users are locked out of iMIS so an end of year snapshot can be taken for 2019.  End of year snapshot of the database is taken (ETA 2 hours). 

·         All users allowed access back into iMIS following the completion of the snapshot.

6am 13 December 2019 –
9am 6 January 2020 (AEDT)


·         All club admins do not have access to the following features in Club Admin Home:

o    Club Information> Print Affiliation Certificate

o    Administration> Athlete Transfers/ Create New Athlete

o    Administration> Bulk Create & Update Athlete Registrations

o    Administration> Bulk Renew Existing Athlete Registrations

·         The reason for this for the Data Team to make system changes for the CRM to be ready for 2020.

6 January 2020

9am (AEDT)

·         Access to all Club Admin features restored. The Online Club Affiliation and Athlete Registration Processes commence for 2020.

1 April 2020

4.30pm (AEST)

·         Unaffiliated clubs are locked out of GOL from 4.30pm (AEST)