Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

With an abundance of information making its way online and via the media, we wanted to provide our community with a central hub of reputable advice and information as it comes to hand.

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 constantly and rapidly evolves, we will strive to keep this page updated as new information and resources are made available.

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Gymnastics Australia's affiliated clubs are facing major operational, financial and logistical challenges. To try and help our clubs navigate this difficult time, GA has created a dedicated page on our website with all the latest information regarding support available.

Included is information regarding:

  • Insurance - coverage under the National Risk Protection Program (NRPP). To view this information, click here
  • Child Safety – what we need to remember in this changing landscape. To view this information, click here
  • Government financial assistance – what stimulus packages may be available in each state. To view this information, click here


    We also encourage clubs to work with your respective state/territory association.

Child Safety

The current situation represents a time where the health, safety and well-being of your child remains our highest priority.

It is mandatory that all coaches hold a current Working with Children Check (or equivalent) whilst training athletes in an online environment.

Coaching Delivered Online

If your child commences training on social media or another virtual platform, we recommend that written parental consent is provided and interactions are always open and transparent.

Private messaging between a child and a coach is considered the same as a behind closed doors discussion and is not acceptable.

The main principles for a club and coach to abide by when interacting with an athlete in a virtual capacity are:

Do's Don'ts
Always ensure a parent and/or other Personnel are copied into the correspondence (e.g. a group chat); Do not communicate privately with a child on social media (e.g. direct message, internet chat rooms, snapchat, Instagram, e-mail communication);
'Share' photos or posts from official gymnastics social media platforms, (e.g. club accounts) instead of posting directly from a personal account; Do not post photographs of children on personal social media accounts;
Only use communication for professional purposes (e.g. advising a new video is available to be accessed); Do not upload/post still/moving images or audio recordings of children without the prior authorisation of their parent or guardian;
Ensure parents have provided permission for athletes to take part in online training, and that a parent is present during the training; Do not request children to keep the communication a secret from their parents or others;
Utilise a 1-way interaction where appropriate and possible (i.e. the athletes can see you, but you can't see them); Do not use inappropriate language when communicating with a child;
Ensure your presenting coach is over the age of 18. Do not communicate anything that a reasonable observer could view as being of a sexual nature.

For further clarification about the Do’s and Don’ts whilst training athletes in an online environment watch this short explainer video.



At Gymnastics Australia, we are committed to supporting you during this difficult time to keep you fit, healthy and motivated even when you are unable to attend your regular gym.

Below is information about the types of programs you can do at home whilst still being covered under our insurance known as the National Risk Protection Program (NRPP).

Suggested At-Home Activities Suggested Outdoor Activities
Stretching exercises Stretching and flexibility activities
Flexibility exercises Strength and conditioning
Strength and conditioning Fitness-based exercises
Basic gymnastics skills Gymnastics skills

Training Requirements:

  • Your program must be led by a coach (e.g. Online class between your coach and you or a program developed by your coach)
  • Your coach must be a current Technical Member linked to an Affiliated Club and hold a current Working With Children Check or equivalent.
  • You must have enough space to perform the activity with no obstacles (e.g. furniture)
  • You must only perform activities within your ability level
  • You must have one foot, or one hand must always be in contact with the ground (i.e. no aerial work). However, strength and conditioning, flexibility and stretching exercises do not need to adhere to this requirement.
  • If training outdoors you must not touch or use outdoor exercise equipment or surfaces as this represents an infection control risk.
  • Gymnastics equipment intended for indoor-use (e.g. beams) cannot be taken outside and used

Below are some guidelines on how to set-up at home:

  • Check that you have enough space for you to practise.
  • Check there are no trip/slip hazards near you.
  • Check there are no objects to fall on or come in contact with.
  • Check there are no sharp objects or hot surfaces nearby and there is enough lighting.
  • Ensure your room has enough ventilation.
  • Ensure you have water to keep hydrated.
  • Seek medical advice prior to training if you have any existing injuries or other medical condition/s.
  • If you are under age, you require parental consent and adult supervision whilst participating.

Always remember to reinforce safe hygiene and social distancing practices and comply with all state and federal regulations.

As at Monday 23 March 2020, all Technical Memberships will be extended for the duration that clubs are required to be closed.

This means that if your Technical Membership was due to expire on Monday 23 March or later, you will still be registered as a current Technical Member and will not be required to renew during this period.

Further to this, you will now only be required to attain 50% of the updating points required to renew your technical membership as per the table below:

Beginner Intermediate Intermediate Bronze Advanced Advanced Silver High Performance
OLD points required 3 6 6 6 12 18
NEW points required 1 3 3 3 6 9


For further clarification about the Do’s and Don’ts whilst training athletes in an online environment watch this short explainer video.



We have created this fact sheet with information and guidance on the types of programs you can provide to athletes whilst still being covered under the National Risk Protection Program (NRPP). To view this fact sheet, click here

If you require further clarity regarding your technical membership, email us at

For more information regarding COVID-19, please see the PDF below:
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