National Clubs Carnival 2021

Gymnastics Australia is excited to once again bring the 2021 National Clubs Carnival to Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast! 

With the support of Major Events Gold Coast,  Gymnastics Australia is excited that the multi-Gymsport National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival will be remain on the Gold Coast until 2024. In 2021 the event is scheduled to be a staged from the July 6 - 11 and September 8-19, the event will attract over 5000 competitors, officials, and support staff – not to mention spectators – from across Australia. 

Since 2018 the National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival has been held at Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre, a venue that also played host to Badminton, Para Powerlifting, Weightlifting and Wrestling at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Provisional Entries 

Provisional Entries are $60 (inc GST) per club per GymSport. Clubs will be asked to provide athlete numbers per level and category at this time. Athlete names will not be required until definitive entries are submitted. While we understand that athlete numbers may differ slightly between provisional and definitive entries, we ask that clubs provide numbers as accurately as possible when submitting their provisional entries.  

WAG clubs wishing to participate in both the July and September events will be required to pay a provisional entry fee for each event. 

While provisional entries are not mandatory, clubs who do not submit them will be placed on a wait list at the time of definitive entries and their place in the competition will be confirmed (if space in the competition is available) within a week of the close of Definitive Entries. Clubs who submit provisional entries will be guaranteed a place in the competition.

GfA, WAG Levels 8 – Senior International, TRP, AER & ACR

Provisional Entries are now open.  More information.

Close: Thursday 1st July, 3:00pm

Definitive Entries 
Definitive entry for the 2021 National Clubs Carnival will be $160 (inc GST) per athlete per GymSport. Athletes who wish to participate across multiple GymSports will be required to pay multiple entry fees. 

GfA, WAG Levels 8 – Senior International, TRP, AER & ACR

Open: Monday 5th July, 3:00pm 

Monday 2nd August, 3:00pm 

All entries for the National Clubs Carnival will be submitted online via the Club Portal. To submit your clubs’ entries, your club administrator will need to log into the Club Admin Portal and follow the prompts. If you require assistance, please visit email

July 6 - 11
WAG (Levels 5-7), RG & MAG

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

September 8 - 19
WAG (Levels 8 - Senior International), TRP, GfA, AER & ACR

NCC Bulletin 1
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NCC Bulletin 2
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