NextGEN Accelerated Coaching Program 2020-2022

The NextGEN accelerated coaching program aims to improve the leadership capacity and enhance the experience of female performance coaches working in the development and performance pathway in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG). The program will be delivered in collaboration between Gymnastics Australia, the AIS and The University of Queensland. 

The program will identify and select applicable coaches and provide training and support in the areas of leadership, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and coaching experience. It will be piloted at the AIS by Gymnastics Australia (GA) at National Training Camps in collaboration with the AIS Performance Development Team and the University of Queensland Academic Staff delivering the Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching. 

GA recognises that experiential learning, and peer and senior coach mentoring are key contributors to effective coach development. In addition, enhancing the understanding and development of interpersonal skills of coaches will contribute to positive and effective coach-athlete relationships and enhance the ability of coaches to accelerate their learning and impact in the high-performance domain.

NextGEN Application form
(Adobe PDF File)

Selection Criteria 

There will be up to eight (8) female coaches selected to participate in the NextGEN Accelerated Program.

To be eligible you must meet the selection criteria outlined below:

• Currently an accredited Advanced WAG Coach or above who is working in a registered club and over 18 years of age 
• A female coach currently working with athletes training in the performance pathway* 
• Coaches who have demonstrated evidence of initiating personal development and learning (such as additional tertiary courses, FIG courses, observation at Camps, Immersion Tours etc.) 
• Provide a letter of recommendation from their employer and the State Organisation.

*Performance Pathway is defined as athletes training and competing in Level 9 (under 11), Future International, Junior International or Senior International. If a coach is working with athletes targeted at Level 9 Under this may also be considered (i.e. Level 7 or 8 Under).

How to apply
• Complete the application form
• Attach a current CV with at least 1 recommendation letter.
• Send to [email protected] by August 31, 2020 

Selection will be based in the first instance on coaches who are currently actively coaching in the performance pathway and have potential athletes training towards 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games and or are within the 2024 Olympic Cycle.

Complete the application form here:

Benefits to coaches who are selected 
If you are one of the participating coaches you will: 
• Improve your leadership capabilities, coaching behaviours and enhanced athlete-coach relationships for participant coaches 
• Improve your capacity to coach at the high-performance level 
• Collaborate with and develop a network of performance coaches and professionals across sports. 
     o A member of the performance coaching network / ‘community of practice’ to strengthen learning outcomes, peer engagement, self-awareness and reflection capabilities. 
• Receive funding support to enroll and participate in the bespoke NextGEN Learning Program*. 

*Funding support for up to eight (8) CPD Modules that can contribute to a Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching. This does not include transport or accommodation for these workshops.

Selection Panel
The proposed selection panel is listed below:
• Mr. Andrew Logan – Gymnastics Australia National Performance Director
• Mrs. Kym Dowdell – FIG WAG Technical Member 
• Professor Cliff Mallett – University of Queensland, School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences 
• Mrs. Fiona Keneally – Independent High-Performance Coach, 1991 ACC Australia’s Female Coach of the Year
• Mrs. Michelle De Highden – Gymnastics Australia National Elite Coach Manager.

The Learning Program foundations 
The learning Program is underpinned by the International Coaching Council for Excellence (ICCE) model for coach development and effectiveness: the consistent integrated application of knowledge (Professional, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal) to achieve positive outcomes within a high-performance coaching context (Refer to Figure 1).

Figure 1: Adapted from ICCE Definition of Coaching Effectiveness and Côté & Gilbert, (2009) 

The NextGEN learning program is targeted at integrating the development of knowledge and enhancing understanding and developing of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of coaches that will contribute to positive and effective coach-athlete relationships, thereby impacting in the high-performance domain (Refer to Figure 2).

Figure 2: Developing the Triad of Knowledge – GA NextGEN Program

The Program

There are four components of the NextGEN Program that will be delivered over a 24-month period. They are: 
1. Quality Coaching* 
2. Applied Sport Psychology* 
3. Professional Knowledge
4. Technical Development. 

The Program is outlined in the Figure 2 (above) and Figure 3 (below). The needs and strengths of the individual coach will be determined by completing a coach assessment and then utilised to design a bespoke development plan to target technical and professional knowledge development.

Figure 3: The four Components of the NextGEN Learning Program

Financial Obligations 
The WLIS project will fund the following activities for each of the selected coaches:
• Enrolment into two CPD modules from the University of Queensland's Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching course designed for High Performance coaches:* 
   1. Applied Sport Psychology: Coaches as Performers (CPDPSY6030) – Module 3 (4 Sessions) 
   2. Quality Coaching: Coaches as educators (CPDQC6020) – Module 2 (4 Sessions) 
• Participation in group learning activities at Training Camps at the National Training Centre that build upon previous knowledge in the Professional and Technical domains delivered by GA Mentors, Staff and the AIS Team.
• Individualised coach profile and development learning plan conducted with the National Elite Coach Manager 
• Support to attend experiential learning program at WAG National Camps with targeted mentoring and learning support in practice.
• Group and individualised mentoring if part of the bespoke development plan. 

The participating / selected coaches will be required to: 
• To fund personal travel, accommodation and meals when attending National Camps** 
• To fund personal travel, accommodation and meals to attend the CPD Modules if they are interstate or not held at a National Camp. 

The potential contribution of candidates over the two-year period could be up to 6 interstate trips with for between 2 to 5 days. The grant funds are unable to be utilized for accommodation or transport.

*Continuing Professional Development Workshops are delivered by the University of Queensland Academic Staff as part of the Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching in conjunction with Tennis Australia, Cricket Australia and the AFL or at the AIS linked to a National Camp over the next 2 years. Each Module comprises of four two-day workshops. 

**If you are a coach of a National Team Athlete there may be allocated funding from GA for 1 coach to attend Camp.

Draft Timelines 
The draft Program timelines are outlined below in Figure 4.

Figure 4: NextGEN Program Timelines