Australian Olympic Trampoline Team welcomed to Inashiki City

13 July 2021

The Australian Olympic Trampoline Team have been welcomed by the Mayor of Inashiki City for a pre-Games training camp ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 

The two-athlete team, consisting of Dominic Clarke and Jessica Pickering will train in Inashiki City prior to arriving in the Olympic Village later this month. 

Gymnastics Australia National Performance Director, Andrew Logan noted that the team is extremely grateful and appreciative of the opportunity presented by Inashiki City. 

“On behalf of the Australian Olympic Trampoline Team, we are greatly humbled and express sincere gratitude.

”In extraordinary times, a global pandemic, there are many challenges, public health and government orders to fulfill, compliance and hurdles to overcome to enable this camp to occur and being here, would not have occurred without the dedicated support of the Inashiki City organising committee and our good friend Tetsuya,” Logan said.

Noting the opportunity an Olympic Games offers for all involved, Logan touched on the importance of understanding and appreciating other cultures. 

“Sport and the Olympic Games are more than medals and competition. 

“It is about bringing people together, to share experiences, stories, to meet and make new friends and to immerse ourselves and get to know, learn and appreciate others culture and values. These are the true benefits of the Games.

“We, the Australian Olympic Trampoline team, truly value and say thank you to Inashiki City to welcome us and to make this camp happen. 

“To the Mayor, Inashiki City organisers, in particular Yuichiro, Fujiko and of course our great trampoline friend Tetsuya, we say thank you,” Logan concluded.

The Trampoline Gymnastics competition for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will take place at the Ariake Gymnastics Centre on Friday 30 July for Women’s Qualifications and Final and Saturday 31 July for Men’s Qualification and Final.