2022-2024 Gymnastics in Australia Strategic Framework

Every Australian life is enriched by gymnastics

It is with great pleasure that today we launch the 2022-2024 Gymnastics in Australia Strategic Framework.

Over the last 7 months, Gymnastics Australia and our eight Member Associations have been working together to create a new vision for the sport. A bold vision that will help us drive the development of the sport for and on behalf our clubs and our members. 

Through various consultation forums we have held, and hearing what is important to our people, we have identified four key strategic pillars that will ensure the growth and sustainability of gymnastics. These four pillars will guide our focus and efforts over the next three years.

Together, Gymnastics Australia and our Member Associations will work hand-in-hand to ensure we bring to life the values of Care, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence in all that we do. These values will guide how we behave as a collective and how we do what is right for gymnasts and gymnastics in Australia.

It is our aim that through this Strategic Framework, it will enable us as governing entities, to assist more Australians gain the confidence and motivation to lead active and healthy lives.

The development of this document is a testament to the commitment of the nine Boards and management teams who have been committed to developing a whole-of-sport framework to ensure clarity, alignment and increased efficiencies and effectiveness throughout all levels of the sport.

We would like to recognise the support we have received from Sport Australia who assisted in the development of the Framework which will come into effect from 1 January 2022.

To view the Strategic Framework, click here

Over the coming months, Gymnastics Australia and our State/Territory Member Association will develop and implement their own strategic plans to complement this framework.