Felicity White ready to take on the world in Tokyo

Affectionally known as Flick, Felice and even Speedy, Rhythmic Gymnastics star, Felicity White has been dreaming about the Olympic Games since she was young.

Last week, her childhood dream became a reality – Felicity became an Australian Olympian.

Born and raised in Gumdale a suburb in Brisbane’s east, White has been involved in gymnastics since she was a child.

“I started gymnastics at the age of 9 after I had tried more than 10 different sports. I actually went to try artistic gymnastics but on the other side of the gym were the senior rhythmic gymnasts training.

“I sat there in complete awe and immediately knew I wanted to become one of them.

“The next day I arrived at the gym in my leotard and little pink gym bag and trialed for the rhythmic squad. I was accepted and the rest is history,” White said. 

Fast-forward to 2021, when the decision to give Rhythmic Gymnastics a shot paid off.

Reflecting on her achievements to date, White notes her parents unwavering support throughout the journey.

“My family have been my biggest supporters. They have been with me from day one and have never stopped believing in me.

“They have taught me to never give up on my dreams, which is why sharing this special moment with them is so exciting.”

It’s not only family that support White, it is the unique bond between her and her teammates  that has helped them become Australia’s first ever Rhythmic Gymnastics Group to compete at an Olympic Games. 

“Before we head out to perform, we stand in a circle holding hands. Then our team captain counts all our exchanges, and we go through them all in our heads.

“It’s a really special bond we have.”

The Olympic dream was never far from White growing-up, with her grandfather involved in the Melbourne Games. 

“My grandad was a torch bearer through the Nambour stretch for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.”

Outside of gymnastics, White loves the outdoors, with a passion for hiking, abseiling, and exploring rainforests. An avid mountaineer who works as an Assistant Childcare Educator, she ponders what might have been should she have never given gymnastics a chance. 

“I think I would be a rock-climber or doing a sport that makes for a great adventure,” White chuckled. 

For gymnastics in Australia though, we are glad Felicity gave Rhythmic Gymnastics a chance all those years ago. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for Felicity and her group on Saturday 8 August for the qualifications ahead of Sunday’s finals.