Casual/trial classes coverage

Increasing participation is paramount to keep sport in Australia thriving and the National Risk Protection Program (NRPP) is in place to assist the gymnastics community and ensure clubs and prospective members are covered from that first step onto the floor. 

Participants in casual/trial classes are covered for a 30-day window to allow prospective members to tryout gym classes and get a feel for gymnastics. Within 30 days from initial attendance, participants must be registered in the National Membership Database (GoL) or insurance cover will cease from there on.

There are a few things that clubs should take into consideration when it comes to participants in trial classes:

Participant Information 
Participant’s contact information including emergency contacts and dates and time of attendance should be kept on file at the club (preferably stored securely online) we recommend keeping these on file for at least 7 years from when the participant turns 18 year of age. This means in the event of a liability claim against the club years later, the club can confirm attendance and any required information to ensure indemnity under any applicable policy in place. 

Understanding a Participant’s Ability
It is important that club coaches are aware of a participant’s physical capabilities and any health issues that may need to be taken into consideration. Coaches must always be an accredited tech member coaching within their own abilities within the GA Skills Matrix, and it is also important to ensure participants are fully capable of performing certain techniques especially if the participant is new to any Gymsport or has a lower level of physical health.

Duty of Care 
It is a policy condition that you as a club must exercise reasonable care and ensure that only competent employees are employed. The club must take all reasonable precautions to prevent personal injury to participants undertaking gymnastics and ensure that participants are physically capable and aware of all safety instructions and notices relating to the sport. Failure to do so may compromise your clubs indemnity under the public liability insurance.

Incident Reporting
In the event of an incident it is important that the club completes and incident report and again keeps this on file at the club for at least 7 years from when the participant turns 18 year of age. If a claim needs to be made for personal injury you can direct the participant or their parent/guardian to our website to collect a claim form and follow the instructions to lodge a claim.

Important Note 
If there are any incidents at the club within the trial period or if you want more information on the coverage under the program please visit our website for claim instructions, program information and FAQs
Any questions from clubs, staff and volunteers should be directed to our team who are available to assist:

Phone: 1300 130 373
Email: [email protected]