Gymnastics Australia travel position update - 17 December 2021

In response to recent changes to the Federal Government advice on travel amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Gymnastics Australia continues to update its position on international competition activities. Last updated 2 Dec 2021.

With the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic consideration has been given to a range of factors including, but not limited to: 
- The general environment and its effect on the population worldwide
- The changing situation due to the Omicron variant
- International opportunities for competition
- Domestic and international travel restrictions, flight availability and costs and general risks of travel
- Short and long-term potential health risks
- Availability and scope of international travel insurance
- Gymnastics Australia's duty of care towards its members and staff

In reviewing its position on international travel, Gymnastics Australia acknowledges the following factors:
- The improved COVID-19 vaccine rollout progression both domestically and internationally, 
- The recommencement and rescheduling of international competitions 
- Recognition of the desire of Australian elite level athletes to continue to pursue their careers.

Whilst Gymnastics Australia will not be conducting national team competition campaigns outside of Australia before 31 December 2021 the following benchmark events for the first quarter of 2022 will be considered for international travel:

Note that selection of athletes for these events only will be based on individual Gymsports performance targets for each event.

All athletes selected to compete in these approved events must sign the GA Travel Position Statement, be double vaccinated (and booster shot where eligible) and adhere at all times to Australian and event host government and airline regulations concerning COVID testing.

All international travel must be approved by the CEO of Gymnastics Australia (and in the event of the CEO travelling, by the President of Gymnastics Australia).

Gymnastics Australia will continue to monitor the situation and will align with Federal Government directions. A further statement on international travel will be made no later than 17 January 2022. 

Club Tours
Gymnastics Australia will not be endorsing any club tour requests in the first quarter of 2022. GA does however understand this does not prevent a club from travelling to international competitions. If a club does decide to travel to international competitions during this period, please note the Club will not be able to access Gymnastics Australia’s Travel Insurance Policy.