Gymnastics Australia mourns the loss of Queen Elizabeth II

Gymnastics Australia is saddened to hear the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen was a firm supporter of the Commonwealth Games throughout her reign, pictured above at Melbourne 2006, which included 18 editions starting in Vancouver in 1954 through to the most recent games in Birmingham this year.

Australian gymnastics has had a long proud history of competing at the Commonwealth Games, starting in 1974 when it was first held as a demonstration sport in 1974 and then again after it was officially included on the program at all the Games since 1990 securing a total of 151 medals 51 Gold, 48 Silver and 52 Bronze.

We pay tribute to her life of service and her commitment to her role and pay our respects to His Majesty The King, The Queen Consort and all members of the Royal Family.