Are you interested in coaching while at school or university, or do you want to become a career coach?

Whether you’re teaching recreational gymnastics, team gym, advanced skills or competitive gymnastics, part time, full time or casual – there’s a pathway for everyone! Coaching teaches you lifelong skills not just in understanding movement, biomechanics and training physical abilities, but in class management, leadership, communication, planning, adapting teaching methods to suit learning styles, risk management – and so much more.

Whether it’s short term or a career choice, coaching gymnastics is a rewarding and valuable experience. Start your career today! 

Why coach gymnastics? 

With over 200,000 participants registered at affiliated gymnastics clubs, now is the time to start your career, inspire kids to grow and develop and learn new skills in a supportive environment all while getting paid to do something you love.

Get started today 

To help you start your career in coaching, we are currently offering 20% off all Beginner online courses until 31st January 2023. Follow these easy steps below: 

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