Therapists in Gymnastics

 Gymnastics Victoria are pleased to launch Therapists in Gymnastics which gives therapists the opportunity to be able to provide therapy in Gymnastics Clubs.

The program encourages the transformation of traditional clinic-based therapy into fun, dynamic and unique community based sessions for people with disabilities within a Gymnastics environment.

 Sam and Jackie are Occupational Therapists at Kid Link Occupational Therapy who have recently integrated Gymnastics Victoria’s new initiative into their own clinic at Aerodynamix Gymnastics Club. 

“For OT’s looking at running different programs, I’d say it’s a great opportunity worth exploring for sure,” says Jackie. 

Therapists in Gymnastics allows for an exciting community based setting rather than the constraints of a clinic settings. 

OT’s like Sam and Jackie use the sensory environment of a gymnastics club to help children feel skilled, competent and capable of mastery. 
The comfortable and positive setting provides clients with the opportunity to break through the barriers of preconceived limitations by creating a world of excitement, discovery and self-confidence. 

“Gymnastics clubs are perfect for the development of fine & gross motor skills and encourage social skills in a community sport setting which will open up great transition opportunities for participants,”  says Kerry Tavrou, Inclusion Manager at Gymnastics Victoria.

While Therapists in Gymnastics provides a rewarding networking opportunity for clubs, therapists and stakeholders, it also opens up a strong connection with the community.

Kim Mestroni from Occupational Therapy Australia can see the benefits of the program in establishing connections within the local area. 

 “One of the goals people may have when seeing an Occupational Therapist is to become more engaged with their community. By being able to use a space like a gym, people aren’t focusing on the physical or social goal because it makes sense in the environment to just do that,” says Kim. 

For more information or to get involved as a therapist or a Gymnastics Club please contact Kerry Tavrou on