We’re excited to announce the release of a brand-new gymnastics education hub for our members!

Flex will be where you go to work on online courses, upload your assessment tasks, enrol in face-to-face courses and workshops and in professional development offerings from both Gymnastics Australia and your local State or Territory Association.

Some of the benefits of the new system include:

  • User friendly interface and learner experience
  • Increased online course performance
  • Greater level of access for Clubs
  • Australian-based help desk available Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm (AEST)
  • Increased level of access for course assessors
  • And much, much more…

Why ‘Flex’?

We thought carefully about what to call our new gymnastics education hub.

We wanted a name that would express the personal and professional development journey of our coaches, judges and club administrators, something that would convey the idea of growth, of pushing yourself, of self-development.

And, looking to the future, we know what our members need is a flexible approach to learning – self-paced, available in remote or regional locations, and leveraging what new and emerging technology can do for us.

And of course, we wanted something related to all our gymnastics sports! What better name than flex!

LMS Downtime

There will be a period of downtime where you won’t be able to log into the current LMS to work on your online courses or enrol into courses.

The LMS will be unavailable from 4pm AEDT October 19 through to the afternoon of October 29, when we release the new system.

During this downtime, our team will be transferring your data from the current system to the new one. Since launching the first system in 2013, we’ve had over 25,000 people register for an LMS account and over 60,000 course enrolments!

We’re thrilled to see so many people taking an interest in gymnastics education, and we’ll take great care in transferring this data to flex.

Actions for you to take

To help transition to flex, there are a couple of actions we need you to take over the coming weeks.

While we can transfer most of your data across to flex, some data is impossible to transition.

Take the time to review the notes below and access your current LMS account before October 19.

1. Check your online course progress

Login to the LMS and click the Go to your Learning Centre button, any online courses under the Current tab are going to be transitioned as not completed. Please note that any Face to Face courses on the Current tab will transition to the new system, you won't lose your enrolments into future courses.



  • If you have completed a Unit of a course, this will be transferred to the new LMS.
  • You can check which units are complete and which aren’t by clicking on the Course name (not the resume button).
  • Any units with a green check mark next to them are completed.
  • For any course units that do not have a green check mark, these will appear as not started in flex.

2. Download your purchase confirmations

Download your purchase confirmations (tax invoices) as these will not move across to flex. See this article for a how-to guide on downloading purchase confirmations

3. Check your renewal date

  • Take note of your renewal date and complete the 2020 Child Safe Online Course if your renewal is in October or early November.
  • You can check your Renewal date by logging into gymnastics.org.au and going to your Technical Member Portal by clicking <Hi, Your Name> in the top right corner
  • Your renewal date is listed as Paid Thru on the left side of your profile. You can find instructions on completing the 2020 Renewal Child Safe Reporting Online Course at this link.
  • Please make sure to take a photo or screenshot of your course completion page.

4. Upload your assessment tasks or Intermediate Workbooks

In order for your advanced assessment tasks or intermediate workbooks to be marked, they must be uploaded to the LMS by 9am (in your local time) on Monday, October 19.

We unfortunately have to be quite strict on this, anything uploaded after 9am on October 19 in the current LMS will not be sent to an assessor and will need to be re-uploaded in flex after October 29.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Education Team on e[email protected] or call 03 8698 9700.