The sky is the limit for Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva

The memories, the honour, wearing the green and gold and competing for your country is something all athletes dream about.

Last year, at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva was just 16 years old and competing in her first major Senior International event.

“Being part of the 469 athlete strong team across all sporting disciplines, one of ten in the gymnastics team, one of three RG gymnasts, every aspect of being in the athlete village and standing on a podium wearing Green and Gold were all moments to remember,” Kiroi-Bogatyreva said.

To make the event more memorable, Kiroi-Bogatyreva went on to claim the Bronze medal for her individual Ball routine.

“Awaiting the results was a moment to remember as my whole training life flashed before my eyes,” Kiroi-Bogatyreva said.

“That Bronze medal is the most precious prize for me and having the Australian crowd roaring for you just because you are Australian, that is a feeling I will treasure for the rest of my life!”

Kiroi-Bogatyreva knows that her dedication to the sport is what helps continue to compete at the elite level.

“To represent Australia in Rhythmic Gymnastics gives me a great sense of pride and responsibility,” Kiroi-Bogatyreva said.

“Sometimes people say that I am lucky to be selected to represent Australia, but I think luck has little play when it comes to elite sport. The honour to represent our country comes with hard work, sweat and bruises.”

The strength of the other countries in Rhythmic continues to soar, though Kiroi-Bogatyreva knows with the right people behind her and a great training program makes it easier.

“It is really hard to keep up with World level standards being so far away.

“But having a very strong combination of great coaching, family support, training environments, ability to attend high level camps and events means I am yet to see the culmination of how well I can represent my country.

“And the best thing is, Australia is always very proud of me and this is a huge support when you are away from home.”

Kiroi-Bogatyreva also takes a close interest in the Code of Points.

“Since I have started gymnastics, the rules have changed significantly, for example scoring went from 30 point scale with 3 score categories (Difficulty, Execution, Artistry) to 20 point scale and 2 score categories and to 20+ open point scale with 2 score categories with Difficulty being an open scale.

“Nowadays, the Code where the degree of Difficulty is getting paid to the maximum gymnast’s ability suits me really well. I am a very technical person, who likes details and directions, angles and formulas.

“I enjoy maths, and have a very analytical brain and this new code works well for me."

In the near future, Kiroi-Bogatyreva is keen to see growth in participation in not only gymnastics but all sports.

“I hope to see more children doing any sport but of course I prefer gymnastics.

“Participation is the foundation where it all starts and once the love for physical activity is born, this will lead up to increased level of high performance.”

Kiroi-Bogatyreva boasts of pride when asked about how proud she is to be involved within the Rhythmic Gymnastics program.

“Each year had its major milestones, its own goals, challenges and highlights,” Kiroi-Bogatyreva said.

“I have accumulated so many memories over the years, I have achieved so many of my goals, I have overcome challenges and all these moments made me into the human being I am today.

“The friendships which I gained, developed and treasured from home and all over the world will stay with me forever.

“To have had my dearest coach who cares about me more than I can think of, someone who pushes me beyond my limits, but at the same time treasures me like a Crystal ornament. 

“Having RG as an inseparable part of my life and being a part of RG program is an element of harmony. 

“Besides personal achievements, being involved in RG at the top level adds a paragon factor, when I feel proud to influence young girls into the sport I love.

“Rhythmic Gymnastics has truly given me so much.”

The next step for Kiroi-Bogatyreva is traveling to Baku in September for the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships where she will represent Australia once again.