Australia triumphs at the Rhythmic Continental Championships

Australia and New Zealand have competed in the first of three Oceania Continental Championships; a showcase of talent from the best gymnasts from both sides of the Tasman. Tuesday’s session saw Rhythmic Gymnastics at the forefront, with Women’s and Men’s Artistic to follow later this week. 
Australia: represented by trio Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva, Ashari Gill and Lidiia Iakovleva, competed against the New Zealand duo of Havana Hopman and Layla Waggie across four apparatus; Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon, with the top two scores from each apparatus contributing to the teams overall score.

Continuing from their solid performance at the Australian Championships the week prior, Alex kicked off the competition with a near-perfect Hoop routine. Ashari followed with a clean and powerful Ball routine, before Lidiia concluded the competition for Australia with an entertaining and engaging Ribbon routine. 
Ultimately, Australia was triumphant in all four apparatus, resulting in a victory with a combined score of 220.000 to New Zealand’s 182.850.


Team Scores per Apparatus

Aus: 55.200
NZ: 46.650
Aus: 55.400
NZ: 44.400
Aus: 56.800
NZ: 46.200

Aus: 52.600
NZ: 46.200